Batch 2 of Decentralized Applications

Decentralized Applications

A 10 Week Course by Siraj Raval

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June 22

Time Commitment

10 Hours Per Week

Start Date

June 25




  • Meet your Instructors
  • Web 3.0 Overview
  • Ethereum Installation Steps
  • A Basic Overview of the Ethereum Architecture
  • Ethereum Module Quiz
  • Hash Functions Explained
  • Reading Assignment (Bitcoin)
  • Homework (Setup an Ethereum Miner)
  • Live Stream Q&A
  • Supplementary for Building a Simple Web Store
  • Private Blockchain setup screencast

Decentralized Chat


  • Building Your First Whisper Chat App
  • Supplementary for Ethereum Whisper chat Dapp
  • Sending Messages with Geth + Whisper
  • Supplementary for Whisper - Off chain P2P communication protocol
  • Whisper Quiz
  • Scalability Issues
  • Solidity Explained
  • Reading Assignment (Semantics of the EVM)
  • Homework (Chat between 2 Whisper Nodes)
  • Live stream

Decentralized News


  • A Package Installation Guide
  • Decentralized Storage using Ethereum + IPFS
  • Supplementary for Decentralized Storage using Ethereum + IPFS
  • IPFS Explained
  • IPFS Module Guide
  • IPFS Quiz
  • A guide to Decentralized News Network (DNN)
  • IPFS Reading Assignment
  • live stream

Decentralized Games


  • Decentralized Games
  • Building cryptokitties
  • A Guide to Solidity Use Cases
  • Truffle Setup
  • Example Dapp Game Ideas
  • Solidity Reading Assignment
  • Decentralized Game Midterm Project

Decentralized Rides


  • Building a Decentralized Ride Sharing App
  • Explaining the EVM
  • Solidity Best Practices Reading Assignment
  • Transmute Homework Assignment
  • Supplementary for Transmute Homework

Decentralized Music


  • Building a Decentralized Music Player App -
  • Music Player Demo
  • OpenZeppelin Installation
  • Cosmos Smart Contracts: An Overview
  • Cosmos Reading Assignment
  • Independent Blockchain Homework Assignment

Building a Decentralized Search Engine App


  • Building a Decentralized Search Engine App -
  • Automated Contracting Testing
  • YaCy Overview
  • YaCy Quiz
  • Homework Assignment
  • Reading Assignment

Decentralized Marketplace

  • Building a Marketplace Dapp -
  • IPNS Explained
  • IPNS Quiz
  • Reputation Systems
  • Reading Assignment
  • Homework Assignment
  • Live Q&A

Decentralized Social Network

  • Decentralized Social Networks -
  • Steemit Quiz
  • Decentralized Social Network - Mastodon
  • An Overview of Diaspora
  • Homework Assignment
  • Reading Assignment
  • Live Q&A

Decentralized Artificial Intelligence

  • Deep Learning on the Blockchain -
  • OpenMined Demo
  • OpenMined Overview
  • OpenMined Quiz
  • SingularityNet Explained
  • Blockchain + AI Use Cases
  • Reading Assignment
  • Decentralized AI Final Project

Why Take This Course?

Exclusive Content

Students get access to world-class content, exclusively made for The School of AI.

Exclusive Live Streams

Every week, you'll get access to an exclusive live stream video by Siraj where he answers he hosts a Q&A and builds a decentralized demo app.

2 Graded Projects

You'll get access to 2 unique decentralized app projects. Each student will receive personalized feedback from an instructor.

Weekly Support Hours

Every week, you'll get access to a Q&A support session from Siraj & assistant instructors in our Slack channel where they answer your development questions.

Blockchain Certificate

Students who successfully complete the course will receive their own certificate time-stamped on the Bitcoin blockchain for permanence.

Expert Instructors

Every student will be guided and supported by our team of expert instructors, led by Siraj Raval.

About Your Instructor

Siraj Raval

Siraj Raval

Author of "Decentralized Applications" (O'Reilly)

Siraj Raval is a best-selling author, data scientist, and YouTuber. His goal is to inspire and educate developers, he's built an audience of over 300,000 devs interested in blockchain technology and Artificial Intelligence on Youtube. After his undergraduate years at Columbia University, Siraj spent a year writing 'Decentralized Applications' for O'Reilly and spent countless hours working on dapps across a huge range of use cases. Siraj has given technical lectures at CERN, The United Nations, and meetups across the globe. He most recently taught a Deep Learning Course with Udacity and has now established The School of AI.

Course Prerequisites

Hands-on experience with Javascript

Understanding of Javascript DOM model

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