Adam Williams

About Adam

  • Adam currently works as a Salesforce developer and he is a recent graduate of Penn State with a bachelor’s in electrical engineering. Adam realized too late that he wanted to attend grad school when he came to understand that my dream career is an AI researcher. He believes this opportunity will be perfect for me to be able to jumpstart my career as a researcher.

Research Topic

I have an idea, but I think it sounds crazy. Education, I believe, is the foundation of society. I would like to do everything I can to improve it. Therefore, by giving a computer eyes and ears in the form of speech recognition and computer vision, I would like to use a combination of meta-learning and one shot learning to create an artificially intelligent student. The student will sit through a lecture on topics of varying difficulty and do its best to retain and understand everything the lecturer said. The goal of this is to give feedback to the lecturer in the form of how well the student understood the information. It isn’t as much meta-learning as it is one shot learning, but the proposal stands. I would like to help make the education system greater and giving teachers a tool like this could make an incredible difference