Devansh Trivedi

About Devansh

  • I’m a Dean from Rajkot, Gujarat, India. I’ve held a meetup and now in progress of my ‘100 Days Of ML Code’ pledge, setting an example for my fellow wizards. I’m REGULARLY posting my progress of on twitter with links to explainer articles on Medium and Code on Github
  • I’m a Bachelor in Computer Engineering with GRE-level proficiency in English. I have worked on REAL WORLD hardware project for my startup: http://sync.dvnsh.com/fq
  • I have also successfully finished $1,000 course from ‘Consensys Blockchain Developer Program’ in time with a working project demo and Freelancing in 3 other Python and/or Blockchain Projects : http://sync.dvnsh.com/fl
  • I’ve given up my interest in CyberSecurity, stakes in IoT startup and available Developer Job opportunities to FOCUS on AI like Laser. My faith is in Siraj and the community of Wizards.
  • It is incredibly difficult to find a job in AI in India, as they all require Masters or 10+ years of experience. Yet I have chosen my career and this Research Grant will help me persist and thrive in my passions (DL, RL, GAN).
  • I’ve been teaming up with other deans, debugging their python projects via Video Calls; also sharing client referrals and kaggle challenges to attempt together. I deeply care about the UN Goals and have already installed the app.”

Research Topic

“UN Goal 13: Climate Action

Topic: “Keeping the Planet Habitable in Anthropocene using AI augmentation for Climate-related Government Decisions”

I believe in kindness towards nature and that’s my motivation for this topic.

I’ve been following this issue since 9 YEARS ago, when I gave an INTERNATIONAL presentation on CopenHagen 2009 Failure Blame Game: https://www.wikiwand.com/en/2009_United_Nations_Climate_Change_Conference#/Failure_blamed_on_developed_countries”