Ilya Arbabi

About Ilya

  • I have a degree in Mechatronic Engineering from the University of Manchester and a pre-degree in astrophysics and mathematical cosmology. During the time I was at University, I invented an exo-suit that will help change the fitness industry and exercising. the suit uses ML to find the best workout routine/ diet plan for any said individual and train muscle groups that are not easily trainable using the fundamental force that is gravity (ie weight training) ( currently have investments and I’m waiting for an entrepreneurial visa to go to Germany)

Research Topic

I have a solution that will help with Immigration and Statelessness. currently, for an individual like me, there exists no supporting organisation/country. I do not belong to my own country because I am not a Muslim and the theocratic dictatorship in Iran does not respect my rights. and in other countries, I am labelled an “”alien””. Even with an invention under my name and a funding of over 250,000 GBP I could not stay in the UK to bring my idea to life. My Idea would benefit everyone inside of the UK and abroad but because of the immense amount of paperwork and the Brexit catastrophe, and the fact that Iran’s economy collapsed completely, I had to leave the UK and try to bring this idea to life elsewhere. Another philosophical issue that exists is, what if someone does not want to have any nationality and just be a citizen of the earth. this option certainly does not exist for anyone at the moment and the idea that people “”need”” a nationality to do good for this planet baffles me. I am certain that if the same politicians that inspire mindless nationalistic feelings in the masses get into trouble and they find out that the same issue could be solved by someone that is not from their country, they would be more than happy to borrow it. ( be it a cure for cancer, a disruptive startup … ).

So, how does my idea help with this issue? this idea will solve the need for passports and nationality for certain types of people. people that want to do good for the planet, and can prove that they want to do good for the planet. But as of today, if an individual is simply born in a troubled country, they cannot easily do good. It’s as if they were cursed with their nationality. In today’s world, the passport business is one the most unnecessary and damaging ” industries.” there exist individuals that move to other countries illegally just so that they could sell a kidney so they can stay in that country by paying for that countries passport. For example, a British passport can be acquired from anywhere between a 200K GBP entrepreneurial visa to a 10 million pound investor visa. All this for a nationality that people may not even want but are forced to be proud of, Or some people simply pay this for an easy right to travel. as an Iranian, I would need a visa to go to almost any country on the planet and this is not in sync with the current technological advancements. If 500 years ago I wanted to go to Europe, I could ride on a horse for about a month and get there. but right now, I have to wait upwards of 3 months, even if I have the necessary documents and funds. AI and ML can help with this issue. a new neutral passport needs to be created, and the constitution that this passport and it’s rightful citizens are formed on will be based on a new form of sovereignty that I have designed. I have named this sovereign entity ILISIUM. this system has a hierarchy and a voting mechanism that relies heavily on ML. the more the citizens get involved and the more they do good, the more voting power they will have on changing the rules, and after a certain threshold, they will be able to reach citizenship status and be given a chance to have a passport. this is why I reached out to Siraj and his amazing community of wizards. because I alone can certainly not reach exciting results in a reasonable amount of time. but together with fellow researchers, greatness can be achieved.
Inveniam viam aut faciam