Valentin Kahn

About Valentin

  • ML: Analytics Intern for Google, analyzing large datasets of clients with machine learning (e.g. customer lifetime value with random forest), participated in several Kaggle challenges
  • ML: Co-Founder of Rebolet, a start-up that applies ML to decide what to do with customer returns in fashion and electronics. Leading data scientist there.
  • Blockchain: Worked for Swisscom Blockchain, Bitnation, hosted Blockchain meetups in Switzerland
  • Many courses related to Python, ML, Blockchain/Ethereum, incl. Decentralized Application & Move 37″

Research Topic

“UN SDG 11 (Sustainable Cities & Communities) and 12 (Responsible Consumption & Production):
Using Multi-Agent, Multi-Task Deep Reinforcement Learning to predict the correct behavior of an agent (i.e. feasible consumption of water, waste, energy over time, thus in several states) in order to stay below a certain CO2 threshold (reward). Based on publicly available consumption and climate change data.”