School of AI Research

School of AI Research

Meet our 2018 Fellows!

Meet our 2018 Fellows!

11 Research Directions towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals

  • Param Popat – Deep Reinforcement Learning for Minimizing Traffic Congestion & Pollution

  • Victor Geislinger – Natural Language Processing for Sign Language Translation

  • Madis Lemsalu – Deep Reinforcement Learning for Smart Water Networks

  • Valentin Khan – Multi Agent Reinforcement Learning for C02 Reduction Simulation

  • Tariro Chagwiza – AI for Cholera Case Detection in Rural Zimbabwe

  • Devansh Trivedi – AI augmentation for Climate related Government Decisions

  • Rayed Bin Wahed -Smart Municipal Waste Collection By Object Localization

  • Oz Ramos –¬†Handsfree interfaces for low powered devices using monocular RGB webcams

  • Adam Williams – Meta Learning for Teacher Evaluation

  • Tae-hoon (Kurt) Koo – Advanced One-shot Segmentation with small medical data

  • Ilya Arbabi – An AI solution for statelessness and immigration

The Fellowship

The Fellowship

At School of AI, we believe that artificial intelligence has the ability to solve some of the worlds most pressing issues, from poverty to climate action. The School of AI Fellows have a broad mandate to think through which kinds of AI and ML research are likely to bring the most value towards the 17 sustainable development goals outlined by the United Nations, and to share ideas with their local School of AI community, which are composed of like-minded individuals.Our 4 research area suggestions are below, but applicants may choose any area they find most interesting.

– Meta Learning
– One Shot Learning
– Quantum Machine Learning
– Deep Reinforcement Learning

Submissions for the School of AI Fellowship Program open today, October 8, 2018, and close on October 15, 2018 at 12 a.m. PST.

Each will receive

  • $1,000 in GCP credits to pursue their project, no strings attached.

  • A Personal Advisor

  • Assistance submitting their work to popular journals and conferences.

We are no longer accepting application at this time.